Forest Ecology Research Group

Former Team Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Gord McNickle (Banting Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2015) Games in the boreal forest: A model for tree allocation to roots, wood, and leaves based on evolutionary stable strategies.

Dr. Rajit Patankar (Post Doctoral Fellow 2011-2013) Implications of gall-inducing arthropods on plant ecophysiology and forest structure.

Dr. Katie Marshall (Post Doctoral Fellow, 2013) Analysis of climate data in the Taiga Plains Ecoregion.

PhD Students

Dr. Sabine Dietz (PhD, UNB, 2017) Living at the edge – peripheral plant populations and climate change.

Dr. Anastasia Sniderhan (PhD, Laurier, 2017) Growth dynamics of black spruce (Picea mariana) across northwestern North America.

MSc Students

Alison White (MSc, Laurier, 2018) Drivers of post-fire vascular plant regeneration in the conifer-dominated boreal forest of the southern Northwest Territories.

Katherine Black (MSc, Laurier, 2017) Influence of topography and moisture and nutrient availability on green alder function on the low arctic tundra, NT.

Kirsten Reid (MSc, Laurier, 2017) Effects of wildfires on tree establishment in conifer-dominated boreal forests in southern Northwest Territories.

Allison McManus (MSc, Laurier, 2015) Implications of galling herbivory on ground thaw in Canada’s northern boreal forest.

Melissa Fafard (MSc, Laurier, 2014) The impacts of climate warming-related permafrost thaw and increased hydrological connectivity on wetland plant communities in Scotty Creek, Northwest Territories.

BSc thesis students

Jenna Rabley (BSc Honours, Laurier 2017) The influence of topographic gradients and environmental drivers on the nodulation rate of Alnus viridis at a low arctic site.

Kirsten Reid (BSc Honours, University of Ottawa 2015) Productivity drivers in stands of Picea mariana and Picea glauca in the Northwest Territories

Jill MacDonald (BSc Honours, Laurier 2015) The role of changing climate in the frequency of larch sawfly outbreaks in high latitude boreal forests.

Greg Lynch (BSc Honours, Laurier 2014) Growth responses of tamarack to recent climate warming: a dendrochronological study from Canada’s northern boreal peatlands.

Dan Marshall (BSc Honours Laurier, 2013) Examination of the gall-inducing mite community within Scotty Creek, a subarctic forest with a prevalence of galling arthropods. Dan is currently completing his MSc at Laurier.

Brendan Moore (BSc Honours Laurier, 2013) Mycorrhizal community structure and composition within the permafrost impacted wetland-forest mosaic of Scotty Creek, NWT. Brendan is currently in chiropractic college.

Robyn Cox (BSc Honours, Truro Agricultural College, 2009) examined patterns of salt marsh plant communities across a range of tidal conditions on the Bay of Fundy and Northumberland Strait in New Brunswick.

Felicia Pickard (BSc Honours, Mount Allison 2008; co-supervised, Colin Laroque) examined the contribution of local versus climatic factors in the radial growth responses of boreal forest tree species across a latitudinal gradient in western Labrador. Felicia is currently completing her MSc at Memorial University.

Jon Schurman (BSc Honours, Mount Allison 2008) examined the role of abiotic resource availability in determining distribution and performance in juveniles and adults of common Acadian forest tree species at Fundy National Park, New Brunswick. He is currently completing his PhD at University of Toronto.

Katie Thebeau (BSc Honours, Mount Allison 2008) worked on the quantification of shade tolerance in trees. Katie’s work will help to elucidate relationships among different shade tolerance metrics and the contribution of soil resources in light-growth relationships. She is currently completing his PhD at University of Toronto.

Dorthea Grégoire (BSc Honours Mount Allison, 2007) examined wood anatomical characteristics in Southeast Asian tree species differing in distributions with respect to rainfall seasonality. Dorthea is currently in the midst of her MSc at UNB Fredericton examining plant-mediated interactions among herbivorous insects.

Research Assistants

Jenna Rabley (Field Assistant, 2017) Plant functional traits in boreal forests

Ian Tom (Field Assistant, 2017) Fire ecology project

Emily Way-Nee (Field Assistant, 2016) Tundra shrubbing project

Jenna Rabley (Field Assistant, 2016) Tundra shrubbing project

Franco Alo (Field Assistant, 2014) Scotty Creek Forest Dynamics Plot crew

Quinn Decent (Field Assistant, 2014) Scotty Creek Forest Dynamics Plot crew

Stephanie Feeney (Co-op student, 2014)

Vincent Hamann (Field Assistant, 2013)  Scotty Creek Forest Dynamics Plot crew

Litza Coello (Field Assistant, 2013) Scotty Creek Forest Dynamics Plot crew

Hanna Johnson (BA Biology, 2012) focused on the potential impacts of different land uses on canopy structure, understory light environment and patterns of forest regeneration in the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve in Southeastern New Brunswick.

Juliet Manning (EMAN Science Horizons Intern; 2010) focused on patterns of tree health in the Fundy National Park.

Murdoch Taylor (EMAN Science Horizons Intern; 2009) examined patterns of understory vegetation in the Fundy National Park.

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