Forest Ecology Research Group


The Forest Ecology Research Group is always looking for strong candidates for graduate and post graduate research. Please send CV and cover letter detailing research interests and experience to Dr. Jennifer Baltzer

Forest Ecology Research Group Technician 

We are looking for a motivated, energetic individual to contribute to ongoing research projects in sub-arctic forest and tundra research sites in the Northwest Territories. The position would involve working on a diverse array of projects studying plant community responses to climate change and other environmental changes in northern ecosystems. The scope of these projects ranges from investigating drivers of shrub expansion in the low arctic to studying ecological processes underlying changing fire regimes in the boreal forest. Read more here: FERG Technician Ad 2019.

Postdoctoral position in post-fire boreal forest dynamics

We have funding for a 2-year postdoctoral fellow to collaborate on the analysis of large existing datasets focused on forest recovery following wildfire and to establish field-based investigations post-fire regeneration failure and/or impacts of fire-permafrost interactions on regeneration processes. The candidate would also have the opportunity to collaborate on the integration of results from these studies within boreal forest dynamics models under development at the Canadian Forest Service. Read more here: Postdoc Ad – fire.

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